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Buses from Boise Airport with Bus Routes and Times

Upon arrival at Boise Airport (BOI), passengers can choose from several ground transportation services, including rental cars, taxis, rideshares, hotel shuttle services, and buses.

The main Amtrak train station in Boise is at 3353 South Federal Way, Boise, Idaho. You can quickly get to the Amtrak station for approximately $20.00 by taxi.

Ground Transportation services on the Lower-Level Roadway outside Baggage Claim.

There are color-coded curbs in the area: Taxis (black), Courtesy Shuttles (Green), Revenue Shuttles (Blue), and Buses (Purple).

Valley Ride Public Buses (Boise, Idaho)

The Regional Public Transportation Authority for Ada and Canyon counties provides service to Boise Airport.

For schedules and maps, look for them near the Ground Floor Rotunda elevator.

Here are the buses that move passengers along the Boise Airport – Downtown Route:

  • Route 3: Vista
  • Route 4: Roosevelt
  • Route 5: Emerald

If your final destination in the city is downtown Boise, Route 4 (Roosevelt) will take the shortest travel time.


  • One-Way (Single Ride), $1.50
  • All-Day Pass, $2.50

Discounts apply to qualified passengers.

Ada County

  • Route 1: Harris Ranch via Parkcenter
  • Route 2: Broadway
  • Route 3: Vista
  • Route 4: Roosevelt
  • Route 5: Emerald
  • Route 6: Orchard
  • Route 7A: Fairview/Ustick
  • Route 7B: Fairview/Towne Square Mall
  • Route 8: Five Mile
  • Route 8x: Five Mile/Chinden Loop
  • Route 9: State Street
  • Route 10: Hill Road
  • Route 12: Maple Grove
  • Route 16: VA/Hyde Park Loop
  • Route 17: Warm Springs
  • Route 28: Cole/Victory
  • Route 29: Overland

Canyon County

  • Route 150: Nampa/Caldwell

For more updated information about Valley Regional Transit Public Bus fares and schedules, please visit https://www.valleyregionaltransit.org/routes/.

For more details, please call +1 208-345-7433.

Which Bus services/routes have stops at Boise Airport?

Where are the Bus Stops at Boise Airport?

Bus Stop Name Latitude Longitude View on Map
Boise Airport 43.5689430236816 -116.220611572266 View
Map of Bus Stops at Boise Airport